Available for hire

Club & Bar photography:

Local* fixed rate (Up to 4 hours): £60
Minimum fixed rate (Up to 4 hours): £80
Maximum fixed rate (Over 4 hours): £100
*Any venue within a 1 mile radius of Nottingham city centre (NG1)

Private parties / Anniversaries:

Minimum fixed rate (Up to 3 hours): £60
Maximum fixed rate (Over 3 hours): £100

Corporate events / Work parties / Balls & Formals:

Minimum fixed rate (Up to 4 hours): £80
Maximum fixed rate (Over 4 hours): £120


Package #1: £150 - (Quarter day / up to 3 hours) Ceremony only (x2)
Package #2: £350 - (Half day / up to 6 hours) Ceremony + Morning prep / Ceremony + Reception (x2)
Package #3a: £750 - (Full day / up to 12 hours) Ceremony + Reception + Morning prep (x2)
Package #3b: £750 - (Up to 12 hours on the wedding day) + £20 per hour (for additional days) Ceremony + Reception + Morning prep + Pre-wedding (x2)
N.B. (x2) = 1 black & white copy and one colour copy of each photo

Personal & Modelling portfolios:

Please enquire within

Additonal Information

Additional Equipment / Staff

If you require a studio, the hire cost will be added to the fee.
Please note, I may not be able to commit to weekly or nightly events.
If you require a regular photographer; or for prices on multiple photographers, cinematographers or portable studio equipment - please enquire within.

Turnaround Time

Club & Bar photography - photos provided within 3 days
Private parties / Anniversaries - photos provided within 7 days
Corporate events / Work parties / Balls & Formals - photos provided within 7 days
Weddings - photos provided within 28 days
Personal & Modelling portfolios - photos provided within 14 days


Minimum of one guestlist is to be provided for each event
In the event more than one guestlist is required, a predetermined discount may be applied to the fee
I am obligated to stay only for the duration stated or otherwise agreed upon. Should I remain on site for longer this will be at my discretion. In the event I am unable to remain for the total stated or agreed upon duration, a predetermined discount will be applied to the fee

Miscellaneous Information

Printouts and other accessories are not included with prices.
All photos will be fully edited unless specifically stated.
Quotes do not include travel and/or accomodation costs which may be added prior to agreement.

Work available for purchase

For all enquiries or for more information please email me directly